Griffith: Day 2

Teaching in Griffith

After managing a good 10 hours of sleep last night, I awoke at 8am today to write yesterday’s post. Tonight I’m settled in bed once again at an unnaturally early time for me.

Today I got to meet my supervising teacher, and I’m feeling very lucky. My supervisor is very realistic about his classes, and well liked by both staff and students. I’ve got a strong idea of what is expected of me during my prac, as well as the general atmosphere and attitudes of the school.

In the morning, my supervisor, myself and a LOTE (languages other than English) teacher headed to a local cafe. I was stoked to find that the town had matcha lattes, and ordered one to have with my burrito-inspired jaffel for breakfast (rather decadent and exciting food for my first full day in Griffith). After breakfast and a good chat, I had a tour of the school, and was allocated my classes for prac. I’m pleased about the level of freedom and challenge my supervisor has allowed me, and I think I’ll be able to really get the most out of my time here with such a capable person guiding me.

Later on, my new housemate and I stocked up on as many groceries as her small car could carry. I got home ravenous and put together a sort of lentil and veggie pasta sauce with Mexican spices – thankfully the experiment turned out delicious, as I’ll be eating it for lunch the next few days.

food day 2

My rather experimental meal (with penne pasta beneath). 

As I type, the fatigue of taking in so much in one day is setting in; I should be trying to plan lessons already, but I just want to get some sleep. Perhaps tomorrow morning or afternoon I’ll have some luck with that.


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