Griffith: Day 4

Teaching in Griffith

Although I had been intending to write an entry a day, it comes as no surprise to me that time got away from me in my first week on the job.

Today is now Friday, so I’ll be retroactively recounting my days in the interim. Day 4 (Tuesday of my first week) I began team teaching with my supervisor, assisting year 10 in learning about Macbeth. I was fortunate that all the big personalities in the class who were present took to me quite well.

Today was the day I met my year 8 class, who are a great bunch of kids. Again, there are some big personalities, but they are all good natured students. One of them has already noticed I ride my bike to school, and commented that he liked the bike. This same student enquired if I could draw when they were completing title pages, and was keen to have me contribute to his. Another student in the class draws excellently. There are several very keen and switched on students who are wonderful to have, and the others are all sweet and largely non-disruptive.

During my break on Tuesday, I was able to attend a meeting with my supervisor on taking a school-wide approach to literacy improvement. At the current stage, all of the teachers of one of the year 7 classes are going to be implementing consistent language, “I can” statements, and a series of evidence based practices for literacy improvement. The hope is that the data they derive from this will be positive enough to allow the whole school to begin implementing the system, and potentially gaining the funding to do so.

After school we had a brief staff meeting, where the principal outlined the positive statistical changes the school has seen over the past year. Although the school is not particularly academic, there is a strong  sense of community, and relationships between students, and between students and their teachers are well above the state average. Having seen these teachers in action, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Students also reported that the work was rigorous, which bodes well for their educational outcomes. Evidently the school knows its students, and is aware of the appropriate level to be teaching them at.

Following the meeting, I spent some time assisting teachers with marking, which was really interesting. I had done some marking in my teaching courses at uni, but certainly getting to look at multiple recent pieces of varying standard allowed me to get a better idea on what marks to give, why to give them, and how to adjust marks according to the spread of the year group.

And of course to finish I have yet more photos. I have yet to use my nice camera, but hopefully I’ll have more time later to try it out. Interestingly, although it barely ever rains in Griffith, it seems the rain followed me from Sydney (and certainly made the kids a bit wild, as they are wont to do).

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