Griffith: Day 5

Teaching in Griffith

Again I find myself woefully behind on these blog posts – rest assured my sleep deprivation at the current time has encouraged me to be more proactive in getting my lesson plans and blogs done.

Day 5 (last Wednesday) was my first day teaching without assistance from my supervisor. Suffice to say I learn a lot about how lessons that look great on paper translate poorly to the classroom. With my year 8 class, I began to understand how diverse the engagement and work speed of a class is, and how poorly I had planned for those who got ahead.

My year 10 class went surprisingly well – though the flow of the lesson was rather poor, the content was good, and I managed to get most of the troublesome students onside. Although the class is full of big personalities, they are a hard working group who enjoy higher order thinking, and deep discussion about Macbeth (our core text). At the current time I’m helping them work towards their assessment task, which is a listening exam that involved extended responses.

I certainly discovered that day that teaching is a job I find fulfilling and quite manageable. I can certainly see myself working as a teacher after I finish uni.

As per usual, here are some photos from my day:

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