Griffith: Day 6

Teaching in Griffith

Thursday was a good day for me, and my lesson with year 8 was a marked improvement from Wednesday.

Year 8 began reading Lockie Leonard (a play adapted from the Tim Winton book of the same name), and had a great deal of fun performing their roles. Whilst they were very slow to get through their worksheets, they enjoyed the text, and it was really excellent to share reading with them. I’m beginning to gain a great rapport with the class, and they’re a lovely bunch of students. I’m glad to have such a fun class to learn to teach with.

Following this morning lesson, I had library with year 7 (and, if you recall, the boy who called me a man was in this class). Interestingly, although the class has an array of behavioural issues, they were almost dead silent when reading. Allegedly all the students are keen readers; if they do nothing else in school, I’m glad they have at least found a love of reading. I also discovered the school library has a manga section, so I finally started reading “Blue Exorcist”.

My mentor teacher had free time in the next period, and had organised a school-wide literacy program to be implemented for a year 7 class. The idea for this was to use evidence based practices and “I can” statements to improve literacy outcomes. All of the teachers of this year 7 class came together to discuss implementation strategies. The hope is that the data gathered from working with this year 7 class will prove it is successful, and that it can then be implemented across the whole school.

After lunch, I went to school sport. I attended walking, and got to head around the area of the Griffith base hospital. This area has to be one of the loveliest areas I’ve had the pleasure of visiting so far in Griffith. I’m not sure I got to see where my dad stayed when he did his medical prac here, but I’m quite sure we walked close to there. The air had a perfect chill, and there was a light fog about. As it had rained on Tuesday, much of the grass was bright green, and the trees were all dropping most of their leaves. Among the grass there were mounds of leaves gathered.

It was nice to take a leisurely walk around instead of being in the classroom for the afternoon. I’m hopeful to take more bike rides around the area when I have more time. Here’s the only photo I got on my walk:



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