Griffith: Day 7

Teaching in Griffith

I’m slowly catching up with these posts, as I’ve reached the final day of last week now (the working week, at least).

It had been an exceptionally big and busy week, and I was rather glad to end it on a high note with a very positive year 10 class. I’m quite lucky that my class is keenly engaging with Macbeth, and asking very thought provoking questions. We’ve delved into themes together, and I’m working on getting them to construct their own theses on who is most responsible for Macbeth’s negative actions in the play. As things progress, they will be doing a listening assessment that involves a long answer question – my hope is that the practise essay we are working towards will be adequate in helping scaffold their work in the assessment.

Friday was an otherwise quiet day – I observed some senior classes, who were looking at the films “The Truman Show” (year 11) , and “Run Lola Run” (year 12). By this time of the week I was naturally exhausted, and took to sketching in order to keep myself awake (I promise I also engaged with the lessons).


The cake pictured here was a mint slice cake that we had at the staff morning tea.

I also managed to take a quick picture of my “office” (they’ve cleaned the desk of another teacher who is off on maternity leave, from memory). I’ve got a cosy desk right by the window. We’ve got the largest staff-room in the school, which is wonderful (it’s also thankfully air-conditioned). I’m lucky that I really adore everyone else in the staff room – I’ll be very sad to leave them all at the end of this. It’s almost tempting to stay here and teach.


The view from my “office”.

The rest of my day went relatively quickly, and the weather was fantastic. As per usual, I got a few photos as I was leaving school, which you can see below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Probably the cutest part of my Friday was returning to a freshly cleaned apartment, and finding that the housekeeping staff had taken some artistic license in their arrangement of my room.


My guess is they find my Griffith companion as cute as I do.


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