Griffith: Day 12

Teaching in Griffith

Today was definitely one of the highlights of my prac experience so far.

First thing in the morning I got to observe elective drama for year 8. I was genuinely impressed with the quality of the work the students had put together (they were doing performances based on postcards).

During my second period at school I was lucky enough to participate in a PLT meeting (professional learning for teaching). The teacher running the meeting has recently been given a promotion to be the headmaster of a local special needs-focused school, and is an excellent teacher. She taught us several evidence-based practices, and modelled many of the techniques she was teaching. We also received some fantastic handouts to help is in our future practice.

Next I had photography with one of the coolest art teachers I’ve ever met. They were studying the history of animation, and making thaumotropes and praxinoscopes. I asked the teacher if I could show off some GIFs a good friend of mine had made (she studies media arts/animation and is awesome), and the teacher was very excited. The students also really enjoyed the work. For those who are interested, you can see her work here.

My time after lunch isn’t exciting enough to mention, but during the period just before lunch I had the best experience ever. I got to see the school agriculture farm, and meet their sheep, chickens, and baby cow. I also saw their great plants and little greenhouse. As an avid animal lover, I was completely in heaven. The best part was getting licked by the baby cow (called ‘Turnbull’ – the other which sold at a recent show was called ‘Trump’).

Here are all of my favourite photos of the agriculture farm.



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